The EssentialLab is a facility where prototypes and technologies can be assembled rapidly and tested. The Lab strives to become a reference for EPFL’s students and researchers for testing hypotheses concerning low-income or humanitarian contexts. The non-academic sector, including companies and NGOs, may benefit from our expertise and knowledge of such contexts through collaborative partnerships. Reverse innovation2, is also a focus of the lab as it is a common question in most of the projects.

Some bullet points of what the EssentialLab offers:

1) Testing facilities to assess robustness with respect to harsh environments (heat, humidity etc.).
2) Fast prototyping equipment (e.g. via 3D printing)
3) A space to brainstorm value chains and business models for entrepreneurial teams, based on tools taught in the MOOC.

Lab Facilities

Climate Chamber

Our laboratory includes a climate room in which we simulate the behaviour of different components subjected to extreme humid and heat conditions.

Coffee Machine

Our Italian colleague says that we have the best coffee at EPFL.

3d Printer

A 3d printer is used for fast prototyping.


A workshop with common tools is avaiable for prototyping.