Kay Tek

Digital education for sustainable housing

Port-au-Prince slums.


The earthquake that hit Haiti on the 12th of January, 2010, was one of the most devastating natural disasters of the century. With a magnitude of 7.0, it affected almost 3 million people in and around the capital city; with more than 220,000 people being killed. The main cause of these losses was the construction quality of the settlements: they were essentially composed of slums, and had been built without any norms. The government of Haiti evaluated that 250’000 residences and 30’000 commercial buildings had collapsed or were severely damaged.

Earthquakes are one of the natural disasters that can cause major destruction. The after effects and the recovery time for low income countries is way longer than the others. While natural disasters like these are unfortunately unavoidable, it is essential to mitigate the effects of such disasters as much as possible.
Resistant and sustainable construction is a solution towards controlling such devastation.

The Project

Kay Tek” is a pilot project in Haiti, adapted to the local context and environment. It promotes best practices and innovative solutions to provide resistant and sustainable construction through digital tools and tech support along the value chain of construction.
The project involves sensitization of the general public, vocational training and continuous public education.

Kern Abigaïl-Laure

Kern Abigaïl-Laure

Project Manager


Academic Partners


University of Quisqueya