A joint center of competence in energy for health (in Cameroon)

33% of medical equipment failures due to the electrical infrastructure


The Project

CURES is a collaboration project between EPFL and ENSPY in Cameroon. The main objective is to train engineers, as well as conduct advanced research on issues relating to the generation, distribution, storage and management of safe and quality electrical power for use in hospitals.

The center also aims to ensure the sustainable deployment of developed solutions by promoting and supporting local entrepreneurship.

The CURES is now fully integrated in and managed by ENSPY.

Key Accomplishments


Various energy audits in different hospitals.


Installation of an emergency power supply under test at CURES.


Inauguration of CURES research center.

Current Status

The center is still ongoing.  Currently 4 PhD students and 3 Master Thesis students are working at CURES.

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